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Alef Beats Hoping No Other A Cappella Group Upstages Arrangement Of “Lifnei She’Yigamer”

Published Friday, April 9th, 2021

Diligently rehearsing for their upcoming virtual concert, Brown’s Jewish a cappella group The Alef Beats hoped that no other a cappella group would upstage their arrangement of ‘Lifnei She’Yigamer.’

“There are 14 a cappella groups at Brown, so of course there’s some overlap with songs,” said The Alef Beats’ co-president Jacob Perlman ’21, nervously scanning the websites of The Jabberwocks, The Ursa Minors, and Harmonic Motion to ensure that no one else had added a rendition of the song, sung fully in Hebrew, to their repertoire. “There was a scandal last year when two groups performed ‘Valerie,’ so we’re really hoping to avoid that. But there’s still no way to be sure that two groups won’t perform ‘Lifnei She’Yigamar’ at the same arch sing.”

“We’re crossing our fingers that this doesn’t blow up in our faces,” Perlman continued, imagining a nightmare scenario in which The Higher Keys debut a jazzy arrangement of ‘Lifnei She’Yigamer’ that overshadows The Alef Beats’ more straightforward interpretation of the song. “We’d have no choice but to declare war, like that time Harmonic Motion had to send out a mass email threatening any other group who arranged ‘Can’t Help Falling In Love’ after they performed it at the Holiday Organ Concert. But we’d much rather keep the peace.”

At press time, Brown’s pirate a cappella group “ARRR!!!” hoped that no one else would copy their choreographed performance to ‘All For Me Grog.’

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