Area Man Definitely Underestimating How Big Of A Bowl He Needs To Make That Salad

Published Friday, December 6th, 2019
Filed under Off Campus

“Well, this seems like a good size,” said Miller, grossly underestimating the amount of space his romaine salad would occupy. “Can’t imagine I’d need a bigger bowl than this!”

“I’m gonna go ahead and dump in the lettuce,” Miller continued, ignorant to the fact that this would leave no room for the feta, sunflower seeds, and Craisins. “And then I’ll toss in the rest and give it a nice little shake — there should definitely be enough room left in the bowl to mix it up.”

“Oooo now I can put on those cute little peppers I got from Whole Foods,” exclaimed Miller, unaware that there was basically no free space left in the bowl.

At press time, Miller was carefully dressing the precarious tower of romaine in balsamic vinaigrette.