Bear-Shaped Enamel Pin Worth 40 Bucks Easy, Brown Bookstore Reports

Published Friday, December 6th, 2019
Filed under Campus Life

“This isn’t just any old knick-knack,” Gnudson said, inspecting the sleek lacquer on the nickel-sized pin. “Merchandise of this quality is a real treat, and the price should reflect that.”

Arranging a selection of the pins on a display near the cash registers, Gnudson expressed her unwavering certainty that the item was worthy of its 40 dollar price tag.

“Take a look at that craftsmanship,” she said, confidently applying price stickers to the pins. “These are going to fly off the shelves. Anyone with a good head on their shoulders will recognize that these sensibly priced enamel pins are the deal of a lifetime.”

At press time, Gnudson declared that every sweatshirt in the bookstore is worth 60 dollars, no doubt about it.