Biology Textbook Chapter Almost Forgets To Mention Sickle Cell Anemia

Published Friday, December 6th, 2019
Filed under Science & Technology

“Prior to this, the authors had made a habit of using sickle cell anemia to explain at least one concept per chapter,” Ford said, leafing through the textbook index’s pages devoted to the disease. “Frankly, I hadn’t even thought it was possible to learn a new biology concept without also learning new things about sickle cell anemia.”

“By the time I turned to the chapter’s last page, I’d already composed a tip-off letter to the authors,” recounted Ford. “I couldn’t believe they’d almost slipped up, but then they dropped a mention in an image caption, so we’re all good.”

At press time, Ford was startled to find that her physics textbook chapter almost didn't have a single picture of a roller coaster.