“Call A BRV If You Ever Can’t Get Into The PHUB,” Says RPL Who’s Just Making Up Acronyms At This Point

Published Friday, September 14th, 2018
Filed under Campus Life

“Try to register for a PRG class if you can,” Jennings told first years after running out of real acronyms to use during the first five minutes of the meeting. “I loved the one I took my first semester so I highly recommend it.”

Sources report that many first years in the unit tried to look up the acronyms in the orientation guide and were confused when they couldn’t find anything.

“ROS mentors are great resources if you ever need help with your assignments,” she continued, thinking that the made up acronym would just get lost in all the other letters she was spewing. “Don’t worry, I’ll hang a list on my door of all the academic resources we have: THIP tutors, CHE fellows, NPOs, and all the others.”

“And a reminder that the club fair is tomorrow,” Jennings told her first years. “I’ll make a plug for all the groups I’m in: BCM, SASH, and VERT. Stop by our tables!”

“I know all these new things seem confusing now, but just give it a week or two and you’ll get the hang of it!”