CareerLAB Suggests Leveraging Connections To Find New Economy

Published Friday, September 25th, 2020
Filed under Campus Life

“We’re aware the economy isn’t so great right now," Nader said, showing an empty page of job listings on Handshake. “That’s why we’re suggesting that students try to leverage their connections to find a new economy where they’ll actually have a shot at getting a job."

“Maybe you have relatives in a different country, a friend on an isolated desert island, or access to an intergalactic space portal to take you to a different galaxy." continued Nader, referencing a photograph of alumni who started a forest colony after graduating in 2009. “Any of those options would be a great way to find a job while our economy continues to recover."

“BrownConnect and LinkedIn are great tools for forming connections," added Nader, suggesting off-grid farmers and sailors as starting points. “Students should start networking now to find an alternative system for production, distribution, and trade before they graduate."

At press time, Nader recommended that students begin to trade berries and wood among themselves.