Cool, Smart World Leaders Continue To Make Good Decisions

Published Friday, September 13th, 2019
Filed under Politics

The brilliant leaders, collectively responsible for the world’s environment, governments, and economies, were seen doing really good things that are actively improving people’s lives as well as the world at large.

Sources also noted that abuses of power and authority continued to be extremely rare and, when they occurred, were taken seriously and promptly addressed in the most just manner possible.

“Not only do I think the people with the most power are good and normal,” area citizen Georgina McIntyre said, expressing her unwavering confidence in the people making most major political and economic decisions today. "They’re also extremely competent, with coherent and ethical worldviews and ideologies!”

The world’s leaders reportedly continued to, as they always do, graciously listen to all voices in their respective countries, incorporating their experiences and concerns into future decisions.

“I feel good about the world and the direction it’s headed,” McIntyre gratefully exclaimed. “The people in power are so cool, and also smart!”

At press time, just about everyone could agree that everything is going to be alright :).