December BDH Issue Features Hard-Hitting Holiday Word Search

Published Friday, December 6th, 2019
Filed under Campus Life

“As a journalist, I believe that words have power," BDH senior staff writer Rupert Smith said of his piece. "The power to occupy 10-15 minutes of your time with festive, wintry word search fun!”

Sources reported that he uncompromisingly included seasonally relevant words like “snowman,” “mittens,” and “reindeer” within the puzzle.

“You can’t rush a reporting process that gets to the heart of the tough questions,” Smith said, clearly unafraid of addressing grisly truths about wintertime and holidays. “I interviewed a local rabbi to get to the bottom of the correct spelling of ‘Hanukkah’ for my word bank.”

At press time, Smith was gearing up for an intense dive into a particularly scathing Sudoku puzzle.