Disney Confirms All Pixar Movies Take Place In Same Universe, But It’s One Where The Nazis Won

Published Friday, February 5th, 2021
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“We are delighted to confirm that the talking automobiles in Cars and Remy, the rat with a dream to cook from Ratatouille, all reside in one magical world,” began Chapek. “Unfortunately, this world is not only one of light but one of darkness. Though this timeline may have lovable talking toys, in 1945 the Nazis were successfully able to fight off allied forces and continue on their path towards villainous world domination. Untold death and destruction haunts the Pixar universe."

Going into some fun details, Chapek confirmed that the magic Merida discovers in Brave is what allows animals and objects to talk like people. He also confirmed that a strong isolationist movement took hold in the 1930s and prevented the United States from ever entering the WWII, accelerating the spread of the fascist regime.

“The tree planted at the end of Wall-e becomes the home for the silly insects in A Bug’s Life,” continued Chapek. “However, all of London was destroyed in the Blitz. The city does not exist anymore.”

After reading Disney’s press release, some fans have speculated that this shared universe includes both the events of the Marvel movies and total nuclear war.