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UN Study On Climate Finds We Only Have One Night To Be Young, In Love, On Top Of World | Apr 19 2019

The world’s leading climate scientists have confirmed in a joint international study that, due to global climate change, we only have one night to be young, in love, and on top of the world. “We have been continuing down a path of dangerously high carbon emissions for far too long,” remarked Dr.

Wedding Mason Jar Themed | Dec 07 2018

In a charming and rustic display of love, local couple Jennifer and Gabe Larmore recently invited family and friends to celebrate their new life at a mason jar themed wedding. “I had seen so many beautiful wedding themes on Pinterest and at first I was torn over which one to choose,” said newlywed Jennifer Larmore, while eating wedding cake out of a tasteful glass jar.

Man Just Takes Out One AirPod To Deliver Eulogy | Dec 07 2018

Friends, family, and loved ones gathering at a memorial service for Jean Schwartzman report that Schwartzman’s nephew Brian Green is just taking off one AirPod to deliver his eulogy. “I know the music paused when he took out his left AirPod, which is a step in the right direction,” noted cousin Laurie Schwartzmann.

New Study Finds Dogs Understand Complex Array Of Human Emotions, Eat Own Shit | Oct 26 2018

A study published in the Journal of Behavioral Sociobiology has concluded that dogs are capable of recognizing, understanding, and responding to a wide variety of human emotions once thought to be solely recognizable by other people, and that they also like to eat their own shit.