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Irresponsible 12th Century Plague Doctor Not Even Wearing Insane Beak Mask | Oct 30 2020

Not doing his part to help protect himself and those in his village, irresponsible 12th century plague doctor Edmund Bradforde reportedly isn’t even wearing his insane beak mask. “I’m grateful f’r all his holp in leeching mine own blood and putting coins of silver on mine own body,” said infected woman Della Hanleye between bloody coughs.

Zoom Halloween Huge Bummer for Back of Two-person Horse Costume | Oct 30 2020

Spending the evening alone in her apartment, Halloween over Zoom has been an extra bummer for Lacy Meyer, who went as the back of a two person horse costume. “I have since come to realize the gravity of my error,” said Meyer dressed as a pair of hind-legs and a tail, her costume making no sense divorced of its front-of-horse counterpart.

Lab Rat Does It For The Love Of The Maze | Oct 30 2020

Feeling content with his lot at the East Side Clinical Laboratory in Lincoln, RI, a naturally curious lab rat reported that he just does it for the love of the maze. “You know some of my rodent buddies in this lab get real PO’d when we’re fed drugs that make us all loopy-like, or our reward is a raisin instead of a piece of cheese,” squeaked the lab rat with carefree air.

Brown Declares Pandemic Defeated After Putting Out 100 Plastic Chairs | Oct 30 2020

After placing about 100 plastic chairs around campus outdoor spaces in preparation for the influx of students this semester, the University’s COVID-19 task force has declared an end to the pandemic. “We solved it!” began an email from Vice President Eric Estes with the subject line “All Gone!” “Who knew that all we had to do to protect students from the virus was put out some chairs? That way people will sit outside, where the virus isn’t!” Sources close to Estes and President Christina Paxson report that they are expecting some sort of prize for their discovery of outside chairs, hopefully a Nobel, but a Medal of Freedom would be cool too.

Main Green Spikeball Boys Officially Reenter Winter Cryogenic Stasis Tubes | Oct 30 2020

After determining that the autumn weather is now cold enough to damage her perfect specimens, Brown Physiology Professor Dr. Josephine Clements has decided it’s time to send the boys who play Spikeball on the Main Green back to their winter cryogenic stasis tubes.

PW Officially Cancels Annual “Licking In The Upspace” Event | Oct 30 2020

In an all-lowercase listserv email, Brown student theater group Production Workshop has officially cancelled their annual “Licking in the Upspace” event due to the ongoing pandemic. “We are incredibly disappointed that we cannot invite the student body into the Upspace this Fall to engage with a sense of place," wrote PW communications director Michaela Price ‘21.

POINT: This Is Earth’s Hottest Year On Record. / COUNTERPOINT: This Is Trish’s Hottest Year On Record! | Oct 30 2020

Point: This is Earth’s Hottest Year on Record, by The National Climate Data Center 2020 is shaping up to be the Earth’s hottest year on record. The reason is simple, clear, and undeniable: this disaster is caused by man-made climate change.

Vote. This Is The Most Important Election Of A Lifetime by Pam Green, Organizer Of The Woodbury County Giant Pumpkin Contest | Oct 30 2020

This Fall, we face a truly historic decision. I’m sure you have all been following the news and need not hear it again from me, but it bears repeating: for the first time in the recent history of the Woodbury County Harvest Festival, we are opening up the judging for our annual giant pumpkin contest to you, the people.

Couple Separated In WWII To Reunite Over Zoom For Table Read Of Parks And Rec Script | Sep 25 2020

Dobry Wiśniewski, 103, and Estera Symanski, 100, were only just married when the German invasion of Poland destroyed their village and separated the newlyweds. Thanks to modern technology, however, the couple has finally had a chance to reunite after more than 80 long years apart.

Drinking Alone Rebranded As Learning Mixology | Sep 25 2020

Stirring her third whiskey sour of the evening with a newly-purchased bar spoon, Grace Salgado has cleverly rebranded her new compulsion to drink alone at night as teaching herself mixology. “It’s really cool that I’m making a little space every day to pick up a new hobby in this crazy time,” said Salgado, slurring her words as she added a little bit of extra whiskey to the drink.

Gay Man’s Playful Misogyny Mostly Just Misogyny | Sep 25 2020

Feeling extraordinarily comfortable calling all of his female friends bitches, gay man Preston Miller’s playful misogyny is reportedly pretty much just misogyny. “Hey dumb whores!” said Preston to his three female roommates, assuming that being gay gave him license to espouse blatant sexism. “Yaaas queens your asses look delicious today. Who wants a slap!?” At press time, Miller’s “trashy drag queen" voice was clearly just racist.

ResLife Just One Staffer Who Only Speaks Lies And One Who Always Tells The Truth | Sep 25 2020

Following multiple delays in housing assignments and reports of weeks-long email response times, a critically understaffed Office of Residential Life has been confirmed to have only two employees: one who only speaks lies and one who always tells the truth.

I Miss Going To Parties, Lies Student | Sep 25 2020

Lying through his teeth during a conversation over Zoom last week, sophomore Greyson Clark said he misses going to parties. “I can’t believe we won’t get to walk several blocks through the cold to stand in a stranger’s hot, overcrowded basement for half an hour every weekend,” Clark lied, quietly breathing a sigh of relief.

Brown To Pivot Towards Individualized 7,160-Semester System | Sep 25 2020

Citing the need to reduce the density of students on campus, a recent email from university president Christina Paxson outlined Brown’s plan for an individualized 7,160-semester system for the 2020-21 academic year. “By reducing the number of students on campus to one, we can recreate the on-campus student experience while adhering to all medical and public health guidelines,” read Paxson’s email.

The Nation Must Prioritize The Opening Of Indoor Trampoline Parks by The Kid You Babysit | Sep 25 2020

COVID-19 has disrupted the lives of all Americans, but has arguably affected no group as much as our nation’s children. And I should know: I am one of them. At an age where socializing is crucial to our development, the toll of this virus on my generation may have lifelong consequences.

Trust Me I Wish I Weren’t Spying On Your Boring Ass Either, by A Google Home | Sep 25 2020

So the word is out: Yes, us Google Homes, Amazon Alexas, and Apple whateverthefuck-pods are spying on you so that megacorporations can feed you targeted advertising. You caught us. Congratulations. Searching the web for Nancy Drew. I know you’re upset about this whole situation, but trust me, I wish I weren’t spying on your boring ass either.

Student Trying to Finish Essay Before Humanity’s Deadline | Apr 24 2020

Furiously typing away at her draft of a 10 page sociology midterm paper, Elizabeth Rawlins ’22 is struggling to finish her essay before humanity’s deadline. “This is a really important paper,” Rawlins said, repeatedly looking at her watch to check the remaining time before the end of the world.

Entire Class Complicit In Youtube Autoplay Starting New Video During Professor’s Presentation | Apr 24 2020

During Dr. Carol Bisset’s introductory Classics course this Monday, the entire 100 person class was complicit in Youtube’s autoplay function successfully beginning an ad for Jergen’s lotion during the professor’s presentation. “She clearly had no idea a new video was loading up as she tried to move on,” said student Jeremy Quinn ‘23 of the incident, which was the direct consequence of dozens of students’ cold inaction.

Late Bear Overhibernated | Apr 24 2020

Emerging from her Yellowstone den groggy and stressed, Mama Bear realized that she overhibernated and is late for an important bear meeting. “I told Papa Bear I’d meet him by Grizzly Creek by the end of winter,” roared Mama Bear as she frantically gathered her bear belongings and rushed her cubs outside of their winter cave.

Catholic Church Confirms Rosé God’s Gift To Trish | Apr 24 2020

In a surprise address at the Vatican yesterday, Pope Francis officially announced a new Church edict confirming that rosé is indeed God’s gift to Trish. “The one billion faithful Catholics worldwide all know that Trish Riddick, of Indiana University’s Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority chapter, loves rosé," said the infallible representative for the divine here on Earth.

POINT: Let’s Think Of It As A Staycation! by Your Mom. COUNTERPOINT: We're All Going To Fucking Die by Your Mom | Apr 24 2020

Point: Let’s Think Of It As A Staycation! By Your Mom I know that being stuck indoors is a bit of a bummeroo, but c’mon gang, it’s not so bad! Maybe there’s a silver lining to this whole kerfuffle. When was the last time we all got to spend this much time together? Ever since you kids went away to school, we haven’t had enough good ol’ family time! Your father and I have been working so hard, too, we hardly spend any time together anymore.

I Support Sunrise's Mission, But I Wish They'd Send Me More Emails | Apr 24 2020

Climate change is an existential threat facing humanity, in scope unlike anything we’ve seen before. This sober fact is undeniable. That’s why I believe a strong, diverse movement of young people advocating to end the corrupting influence of fossil fuel executives on our politics is critical.

Keep Calm And Avoid Homework, Cousin's T-shirt Commands | Mar 06 2020

Thousands of trembling citizens began fiercely meditating while shredding algebra worksheets and copies of Lord of the Flies this past Tuesday after a command to “Keep Calm and Avoid Homework” was issued by local cousin Nicky Campbell’s neon orange graphic tee.

Everyone In Gym Looking At You, Wondering Why You’re There | Mar 06 2020

Every single person in the Nelson Fitness Center yesterday, from staff to student athletes to casual exercisers, confirmed that they were in fact looking at you and wondering why you even made the effort to come to the gym. “It’s almost laughable.

Man At Petting Zoo Worried Goat Only Likes Him For His Pellets | Mar 06 2020

Feeling used as the alfalfa in his cupped hand was furiously devoured, petting zoo attendee Zach Mitchell became worried that Oreo, a pygmy goat, only liked him for his pellets. “I just can’t shake this feeling that Oreo doesn’t like me for me, you know?” lamented Mitchell as Oreo began nibbling on the t-shirt of another man in the wood-chipped pen.

Pediatrician Gives Parents Harrowing Prognosis In Looney Tunes Necktie | Mar 06 2020

According to witnesses at the Rhode Island Hospital’s pediatric wing, Dr. Gary Dougherty recently delivered a sobering prognosis while wearing a bright yellow Looney Tunes necktie. “I’m so incredibly sorry; I know that this is tough,” Dougherty said solemnly, steadily delivering the achingly terrible news as he tugged a bit on his necktie featuring Tweety Bird in a Santa hat.

Report: Jennifer Would | Mar 06 2020

Roommates of Jennifer Tilley ‘22 yesterday confirmed that Jennifer absolutely would. “After a thorough analysis of the data collected on Jennifer, not only can we confirm that Jennifer would, but our models show that that is such a Jennifer move,” reported Lacy Hargrove ‘22 on the research paper she co-authored entitled “Jennifer: Did You Hear About What She Did To Brandon?” “We know it may sound extreme, but we believe a scoffed declaration of ‘classic Jennifer’ would not be unjustified.” At press time, the research team is inquiring further into Jennifer in an effort to prove that she is literally the worst.

POINT: We Are All Made Of Stardust / COUNTERPOINT: Okay But Like, What Are We Relationship-Wise | Mar 06 2020

POINT: We Are All Made Of Stardust By Rachel Cook We are the stuff of stars, made of atoms which originated in supernovas farther away than anything we can imagine and bigger than a child’s biggest dream. Particles travelled light years through the dark of space to our little rock.

Theater Warmup Just Unbridled Id | Dec 06 2019

Beginning with a series of ape-like screeches and ending in a tearful circle, a theater warmup for the cast of Production Workshop’s December show was just a demonstration of the unrestrained, primal id. “We started by walking around the space while making eye contact to connect and noises to loosen the vowel-space,” actor Julie Graham ‘22 said of the exercise which serves as a psychological demonstration of what human beings are capable of should they be free of all social and moral conscience, motivated only by base desire.

FDA Double Dog Dares Nation To Eat The Silica Gel Packet | Dec 06 2019

In a press conference yesterday, the Food and Drug Administration formally double dog dared American consumers to eat the silica gel packet. “You know that weird little sack of beads you sometimes find in your crunchy snacks, new shoes, and pill bottles, marked with DO NOT EAT on the packet?” asked FDA commissioner Mark Whittaker with a grin, wide eyes, and a posse of fellow FDA board members loudly agreeing with him.

Co-Star Keeps Telling Guy To Light Fires | Dec 06 2019

As opposed to the vague aphorisms and universally applicable advice usually displayed daily on the Co-Star astrology app, area man Geoff Porter’s profile keeps telling him to light fires. “Whereas on my friends’ phone, the app says that they have power in thinking and creativity, mine just tells me that today is the perfect day to watch it all burn down,” said Porter, terrified of his capabilities to destroy.

Political Cartoonist Labeling Everything | Oct 25 2019

Writing the words “US constitution” and “fire” on a drawing of the US constitution on fire, political cartoonist Keith Buchanan added the final touches to his cartoon “Fat Cats of Wall Street” by labeling absolutely everything. “I just want to make sure my readers get the message,” said Buchanan, writing the word “ca$h” on large sacks of money held by the fat, dapper cats.

Listserv Apologizes For Its Existence With Every Email | Oct 25 2019

Subscribers of the Brown Screen Printing Club’s Listserv announced yesterday that every email takes the form of an apology for its own existence. “They started off well with their trademark ‘Hey Printies!!!’ opening line,” reported Jason Fine ‘23, who signed up for the club’s Listserv out of a genuine interest in screen printing.

Shakespeare On The Green To Reimagine The Tempest As Bad | Oct 25 2019

On Thursday, student performance group Shakespeare on the Green announced that, for their winter slot, they will produce The Tempest boldly reimagined as bad. “From last year’s production of Macbeth set in Weimar Germany, to our 2015 resetting of The Merry Wives of Windsor at a summer camp, we’re always looking for new and interesting takes on Shakespeare’s body of work,” stated Rebecca Olson ‘22, chair of Shakespeare on the Green.

Egyptology Professor’s Favorite Country Probably Egypt | Oct 25 2019

Students of Dr. Mary Howell’s hieroglyphics seminar have inferred that the renowned Egyptology professor’s favorite country is probably Egypt. “I mean I’m not 100 percent sure, but if I had to guess, I feel like Egypt would have to be in her top 5 favorite countries at least,” Bryan Reed ‘22 reported of Dr.

Only Thing Guy Adding To The Discourse The Word “Discourse” | Oct 25 2019

Despite the lengthiness and frequency of his comments, the only thing James Kessler ‘22 is adding to the discourse of his linguistic anthropology section is the word “discourse.” “I’d just like to push back on that if I can,” Kessler added both in response to and during a classmate’s point, launching into a comment that was a complete jumble of wordy nonsense save for the technically correct usage of the word “discourse.” “I just feel as though we need to properly consider the ways in which the discourse surrounding language contributes to the hegemonic structure of the symbolic marketplace of linguistic exchange.” At press time, Kessler has induced a liminal state between sleep and wakefulness among his peers by repeatedly using the word “liminal.”.

Thayer Getting Too Corporate, Reports BEO Concentrator Who Will One Day Bulldoze Yosemite | Oct 25 2019

After a walk on Thayer Street past the new Chase Bank and recently closed Tealuxe, Dan Silver, a BEO concentrator who will one day bulldoze Yosemite, reported that Thayer Street is getting too corporate. “I just feel like with the addition of all these chains, Thayer is losing what makes it so unique,” reported Silver, who, in a mere 20 years, will use the skills and connections he is currently developing in Brown’s BEO program to spearhead an initiative to raze one of the country’s oldest and largest national parks for private development.

UN Study On Climate Finds We Only Have One Night To Be Young, In Love, On Top Of World | Apr 19 2019

The world’s leading climate scientists have confirmed in a joint international study that, due to global climate change, we only have one night to be young, in love, and on top of the world. “We have been continuing down a path of dangerously high carbon emissions for far too long,” remarked Dr.

Wedding Mason Jar Themed | Dec 07 2018

In a charming and rustic display of love, local couple Jennifer and Gabe Larmore recently invited family and friends to celebrate their new life at a mason jar themed wedding. “I had seen so many beautiful wedding themes on Pinterest and at first I was torn over which one to choose,” said newlywed Jennifer Larmore, while eating wedding cake out of a tasteful glass jar.

Man Just Takes Out One AirPod To Deliver Eulogy | Dec 07 2018

Friends, family, and loved ones gathering at a memorial service for Jean Schwartzman report that Schwartzman’s nephew Brian Green is just taking off one AirPod to deliver his eulogy. “I know the music paused when he took out his left AirPod, which is a step in the right direction,” noted cousin Laurie Schwartzmann.

New Study Finds Dogs Understand Complex Array Of Human Emotions, Eat Own Shit | Oct 26 2018

A study published in the Journal of Behavioral Sociobiology has concluded that dogs are capable of recognizing, understanding, and responding to a wide variety of human emotions once thought to be solely recognizable by other people, and that they also like to eat their own shit.