Entire Civilization, With Its Own Economy and Racial Tensions, Exists Within Snow Globe

Published Friday, December 1st, 2017
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“Within each of these snowglobes is a miniature town with a post office, bank, and school all decorated for the holiday season,” explained Hallmark CEO Jane Harrington. "But the life-like detail goes beyond that. The town runs on its own self-contained economy and, due to a minor glitch, the town is completely caught up in detrimental, long-standing racial tensions.”

Most customers have been impressed by the technical detail and power output, but some have expressed concern over the micro-structural racism.

“It’s cool that the tiny fairy and dwarf town produces energy through its solar-power-based economy” explained Donna Hall, who bought the snow globe to liven up her living room. “But sometimes I see teeny tiny dwarf protests in the cute snowy little streets and it can get pretty loud at night. One time, there was a strike to protest income disparity and none of the snow globe lights would light up anymore.”

At press time, Hallmark issued a recall.