Guy Who Identifies With Larry David Annoying But Not At All Funny

Published Friday, April 22nd, 2022
Filed under Campus Life

“Watching Curb Your Enthusiasm was such a relatable experience for me,” said Fluberg during a recent conversation, suggesting his similarity to the protagonist of the HBO comedy series despite the fact that his behaviors rarely make anyone laugh. “Larry is always annoying people and making a totally hilarious scene, which happens to me all the time! Sometimes it really feels like this show was written about me.”

“I couldn’t stop laughing when Larry flips out on Cheryl for leaving a water ring on his table, and I feel like I totally would have done that!” continued Fluberg, who frequently makes inappropriate comments but never in a way that is remotely humorous. “I’m definitely a ‘social assassin.’ Sometimes I just say what I’m thinking and tick people off, but getting into funny situations like that is part of life, you know.”

At press time, a woman who identifies with Leslie Knope was a control freak but not at all in an endearing way.