Guy Who Named WiFi “FBI Surveillance Van” Real Comedic Genius

Published Friday, April 20th, 2018
Filed under Off Campus

One neighbor, Jerry Smith, explained that, after seeing the name, he concluded that a cohort of FBI agents, ready to strike, must be conducting surveillance nearby.

“Ya know, I spent a lot of time looking around for a black van filled with high-tech bureau equipment," Smith exclaimed while struggling to hold back laughter. "When I realized it was a joke, I was in hysterics. What an original, funny idea. I need to meet the master comedian behind it!”

Visitors at a nearby coffee shop also reported seeing the tongue-in-cheek signal.

“I was trying to get online when I saw FBI Surveillance Van on the list of networks,” a customer reported. “That day, I was really stressed out, but seeing such comedy gold completely brightened by mood. The joke is just such a perfectly concocted mixture of the relatable and the absurd. It’s light years ahead of anything else I’ve ever seen. That guy should drop whatever he is doing and go work the New York comedy circuit!”

The man’s housemate reported that it was an absolute joy to live with the guy, who regularly cracks jokes that are at times edgy, but always hit the mark. He gushed, “The dude is always up to the funniest antics. You have to hear his voicemail!”