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Banner Rolls Out Triple Verification With State-Of-The-Art Saliva Test | Dec 01 2017

This week, Brown University announced the upcoming roll-out of triple verification on Banner. Several faculty and students had raised security concerns about the site, which the university uses to manage student grades and registration. In response to those concerns, Brown upgraded the antiquated two-step verification authentication system with the addition of a high-tech saliva testing kit.

Campus Christians Booth Offering Free Wristbands, Water Bottles, Back Massages, Whatever it Takes | Dec 01 2017

A table manned by a Christian group is trying absolutely everything to stop passing Brown Students, report students walking by the Main Green. Brown University Christians had set up the booth under Faunce Arch in the afternoon, and had immediately set to work courting students with an arsenal of trinkets, water bottles, and deep tissue shoulder massages.

I Know Professor Andy Van Dam Invented Hypertext and Pioneered Computer Graphics, But Why Must We Sacrifice a Lamb Every Fortnight in his Name? | Dec 01 2017

I am well aware that Professor Andries Van Dam is an accomplished man. I know he invented hypertext, constructing the way modern internet users navigate between web pages. I know he wrote, “Computer Graphics: Principles and Practice” which became the “Bible” of the animation industry.

Crumpled Syllabus at Bottom of Bag Evokes Memories of Time Long Passed | Sep 15 2017

Cleaning out his bag in preparation for the new school year, junior Eric Meyer happened upon a weathered and ripped syllabus that reminded him of a time long passed. “It took me a couple seconds to even vaguely discern what the torn, pinkish piece of paper was,” Meyer recounted.

Desperate Student Begrudgingly Accepts Summer Job at Father’s Hedge Fund | Sep 15 2017

Unable to find something interesting to do over the summer, junior Jonathan Brewer reluctantly settled for a job at Brewer Capital Management, a $2.4 billion hedge fund run by Richard Brewer, Jonathan’s father. Brewer explained that he had been hoping to get an internship in a DC political office or at a media firm, and had submitted many applications, but nothing had quite worked out.

Guy Who Didn’t Have Summer Internship Now Ripped | Sep 15 2017

Having spent the summer getting in shape instead of holding a summer internship, senior Sam Irving returned ripped. “He told me he started heading to his local YMCA two or three times a week,” said Irving’s roommate Tim Bright, adding that he was skeptical of the number since it didn’t seem like enough to account for how positively jacked his friend had become.

Summer at Brown High Schooler 100% Getting Into Brown, Reports Summer at Brown High Schooler | Sep 15 2017

There is a 100% chance that Summer at Brown high schooler John Milford will get into Brown, reports John Milford. Milford, a 14 year old participant taking “Learn To Program in 5 Days”, assured fellow students during the 1 week course that his acceptance at the Ivy League school was “virtually guaranteed,” now that he had gotten into the elite summer camp.

DPS Officer Wonders Why Parties Never Good When He Gets There | Apr 21 2017

Department of Public Safety officer Stephen Monroe never makes it to good parties, sources report. Monroe complained to fellow officers on Sunday afternoon, saying, “Every night, I’m always super hopeful that we will make it to some raucous banger in one of the dorms, but without fail, I’m disappointed.” Monroe, who has been with the force for two years, lamented the latest example of disappointing college nightlife, according to sources: “The other day, we got called to what was supposed to be something really wild.

World Has No Idea What Student Emerging From CIT Just Went Through, Student Reports | Apr 21 2017

Sources report that computer science concentrator Petra Shul ’19 believes no one can understand the horrors she just endured within the CIT. Those in the vicinity of the Center for Information Technology reported that Shul, who threw open the building’s front doors and strode out with a black tote haphazardly slung around her shoulder, was acting like she had been through some serious shit.

Athlete Just Keeps Stacking Beef Patties | Dec 09 2016

Those in the Ratty Tuesday afternoon watched on in awe as an athlete in the grill line just kept stacking beef patties on his burger. “As I was grabbing a bun I saw this big dude in front of me put a patty on his,” said Jon Horowitz who was in line behind the athlete.

Guy Who Brought Own Pool Stick Not Very Good | Nov 04 2016

According to witnesses in the basement of Faunce, the guy who brought his own pool stick isn’t that good at pool. “He just stared at me so intensely," said James Reines ‘18, after he was asked by the guy to play a game. "That dude looked like he was ready for action, and he had his own pool stick, too! I thought I’d get my ass handed to me for sure." According to Reines, the guy unsheathed the halves of his stick and gingerly screwed the two parts together.

Math Textbook Author Really Hopes People Like Intro | Nov 04 2016

Sources report that area mathematician Ron Edwards is nervous about the introduction of his forthcoming textbook. “I really worry this isn’t good enough," Edwards said, explaining that the introduction is the most important part of a math textbook.