It’s Really Not Even Cold Out by Your Roommate From Boston

Published Friday, December 6th, 2019
Filed under Opinion

There are always a couple of days a year when I’m like, yeah, it’s pretty cold out, let’s stay inside or bundle up. But that’s definitely not the beginning of December. It’s not even in the 20s and there’s barely any wind! No one in Boston would be whining about a few 30 degree days.

I get it, I’m lucky to have been born with the tough skin of a Bostonian, but it’s kind of a mind over matter thing. You just can’t let the cold affect you. And really anyone can have that attitude.

I remember a couple years ago, there were a few weeks in Boston when it was consistently in the negatives. Now that is real cold! And trust me, if you had experienced that as well, you’d also be thinking that those Californians complaining right now are being dramatic.