Juul Hits Back At FDA: We Would Never Market To Teens, Fam

Published Friday, October 26th, 2018
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“That wouldn’t be lit at all,” said the maker of the popular vaping product, Juul. “Are we grinding every day to make Juul the best? Will we tell the FDA to chill with this ish? We’ve only got one answer there: yeet."

Juul Labs’ e-cigarette product has long been a target of the FDA, which argues that the company purposefully markets its product’s sleek design and fruity flavors to young people. Juul Labs, however, continues to vehemently deny such allegations.

“Listen — breaking the law totally isn’t Gucci. We only market to legal adults, and don’t know anything about kids. We’re just trying to be the GOAT when it comes to vaping products."

At press time, the FDA had fined Juul Labs $5.5 million for illegal advertising — a conclusion the company called, “low-key devastating, bruh."