Kid Drawing 6-Legged Dog Like Some Kind of Sadistic God

Published Friday, April 19th, 2019
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The drawing depicted a deformed dog with six limbs. The creature was unknown to this world, something than could only be the product of a demonic creator, sources said.

“When I saw two extra legs, one protruding from the dog’s forehead and another from its stomach, I was shocked,” said Nelson’s mother, still visibly shaking after seeing the disfigured creature her son created. “I figured Cayden must be some sort of evil, ancient titan, spawning beasts at his cruel, unpredictable whim.”

“How can the dog sit? How can it see? Oh god, I’m just trembling at the thought,” she added.

At press time, Cayden was seen shaping some sort of godly lizard beast with Play-Doh.