POINT: This Is Earth’s Hottest Year On Record. / COUNTERPOINT: This Is Trish’s Hottest Year On Record!

Published Friday, October 30th, 2020
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2020 is shaping up to be the Earth’s hottest year on record.

The reason is simple, clear, and undeniable: this disaster is caused by man-made climate change.

While it can be possible to have sensible debates about how best to go forward and protect the future of our planet, we cannot continue debating whether climate change is man-made or not. Framing this fact as a political opinion is regressive and dangerous.

According to the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, in a few years we will reach a devastating milestone: a point of no return where the Earth will be unrecognizable.

Regardless of your politics, you should be alarmed at the level of inaction towards this crisis. Weather is already getting extreme: fires are more violent; droughts are more serious; hurricanes are more vicious. We need to come together and devote our resources to securing a safe home for ourselves and our children, because 2021 will be even warmer.

As activist Greta Thunberg so boldly said, “The eyes of all future generations are upon you." May her words motivate, activate, and inspire us.

Counterpoint: This is Trish’s Hottest Year on Record! by Trish Riddick

2020 is shaping up to be Trish’s Hottest year on record!

Thanks to some simple changes in my diet, my amazeballs new Peloton bike, and a hot dose of sexy self-confidence, I have never looked better! We may be killing our planet, but I am killing this bathing suit!

The past few months have been hard for everyone. But while I was stuck at home, I said, you know what, Trish? Take this time to be the most gorgeous version of yourself that you can be! So I called up my gay friend Grandon and had him Queer Eye me! Goodbye chunky jewelry and knit shawls, hello bra-and-blazer combo in the workplace!

According to my long-time best friend (and total messy bitch!) Beth, in a few years we will reach an exciting milestone: my 30th high school reunion where I’ll be unrecognizable!

My husband says he doesn’t like the new me, that I’m becoming someone different from the girl he fell in love with. Sorry if you can’t handle all of this woman Alan, but the climate is changing and so am I. I’m finally the hot-mama-model I knew I always knew I could be, and yes I am sleeping with my personal trainer! Get it girl!

As my gay friend Grandon so fiercely said: “Girl, you’ve got to flaunt what you’ve got!” And honey, that’s what I intend to do!