Presiding Sixth-Grade Romance Expert Subtly Steers Sleepover Toward Truth Or Dare

Published Friday, September 16th, 2016
Filed under Off Campus

“This is boring you guys,” Sadie complained, eager to choose “Truth” and gloat about her advanced romantic prowess, especially how she kissed Sean on the cheek last week at recess. “We should at least play a game or something. I played truth or dare at Katie’s last sleepover and it was a lot of fun.”

Eyewitnesses report that the other girls at the sleepover shied away from the suggestion, intimidated by Sadie’s willingness to answer any question they asked, even if it was about who she had a crush on. The girls admitted they would be far too nervous to choose dare but knew their secrets would pale in comparison to Sadie’s.

“My sister says her eighth-grade friends always play truth or dare right before going to bed at their slumber parties so maybe we could do the same thing,” said Sadie, subtly approaching the subject again while they waited for the pizza delivery man. “I’m not even tired yet. And it would honestly be crazy not to play a game like that at a sleepover. I don’t get what you guys are scared of.”

“What if you guys didn’t have to answer and you all just went around and asked me truth or dare?” Sadie proposed after seeing that the other girls weren’t budging.

At press time, the girls agreed to the compromise, allowing Sadie to pick “Truth” every time and share the tantalizing details of her and Sean’s hand holding. Additionally, it was decided Sadie would be the one to get to sleep on the couch instead of a sleeping bag on the floor.