Senior Wistfully Recalls Four Years of Watching Tasty Videos During Lecture

Published Friday, April 20th, 2018
Filed under Campus Life

“After Brown, I won’t be able sit in these incredible classes and scroll through food videos on Facebook,” said Lamrick. “It's sad to think I won't be able to be in these classes, open Facebook, and see some delicious looking recipe video. That will be over in just a couple weeks.”

Lamrick, a political science concentrator, says that some of his strongest memories of Brown are of watching videos on how to make special sandwiches, hamburgers, steaks, and pizzas in lectures. He credits the Open Curriculum with having allowed him to scroll through Facebook in classes from over ten departments.

“I remember being in the History of Capitalism, of my Freshman Fall classes,” Lamrick recalled suddenly, “We were learning about how the global economy organized after World War II, and I watched this incredible video on making mac and cheese with bacon and sour cream. I never cooked it or anything, but it looked so good. This is the sort of memory I’ll have forever.”