Shiru Manager Feeling Pretty Dumb After Realizing Other Places Were Charging For Coffee This Whole Time

Published Friday, September 13th, 2019
Filed under Business

“Ohhhhhh,” Pebbles said to himself softly after becoming aware of other coffee shops’ business models. “So they give people coffee, and then the people give them money in exchange for the coffee? That makes so much more sense than what I’ve been doing.”

Only after shuttering his business did Pebbles realize that he should have had customers pay for their coffee instead of giving it out for free.

“This whole time, I felt like I’d screw up this business somehow,” Pebbles said, softly banging his head against the wall. “I was so focused on everything else that I completely overlooked this one detail. Stupid, stupid, stupid!”

“I had so many customers all the time, so I figured I was doing things right,” Pebbles sighed, dejectedly rubbing his forehead. “Turns out that every time I made someone coffee, I should’ve also been getting money from them. That was definitely where I went wrong.”

At press time, Pebbles woke up in a cold sweat and realized that the coffee he served was also supposed to be good.