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Kid Opinion - The Sun And The Moon Are Married And The Sun Is The Boy And The Moon Is The Girl by Karina, Age 6 | Mar 11 2022

The sun and the moon are married and the sun is the boy and the moon is the girl because the sun is big like boys and the moon is small like girls. The sun and the moon got married on Jupiter one billion years ago and then they went to Florida on vacation and the Earth is their daughter and also the sun comes out during the day because he sleeps at night and the moon comes out at night because it’s her favorite and when we’re driving in the car at night and I look out the window I can see the moon and she follows me because she loves me.

Kid News - Report: We Were Swimming And We Jumped Off A Rock And Ben Saw A Snake! by Gunnar, Age 9 | Mar 11 2022

So we went to the lake and we went in the water and there were fish in the water. And we brought a ball and we played catch in the water and when the ball hit the water it splashed everywhere! We were swimming and we jumped off a rock and Ben saw a snake.

Kid News - Library Book About Art Has Boobs In It by Kyle, Age 11 | Mar 11 2022

If you go to the part of the library where they have books about art there is a book with boobs in it. “You can open it up and look at boobs, like, in the library,” says Griffin who told me about the boobs. “You can look at the boobs together at recess and teachers can’t get mad cause the books are about art and they’re, like from the school library.” Also in the library you can look up penis in the dictionary and also really bad words too and it’s epic.

Kid News - The Best Sandwich Is Turkey And Bread by Maria, Age 8 | Mar 11 2022

The best sandwich is turkey and bread sandwich. This is for three big reasons. The first reason is that turkey is so good. It is the best thing in the world to eat in your sandwich. The second reason is that things that are not turkey don’t taste so good.

Kid Review: The Croods Gets Better Every Time I Watch It! by Louis, Age 6 | Mar 11 2022

The Croods is my favorite movie ever. I watch it every day and it keeps getting better! I like that there’s a mom Crood and a dad Crood and a kid Crood and they live in a cave. I laugh so much when they do things in their cave and when I see the sloth. I watched The Croods last night after I did my homework and it was so good! I’m going to watch it again tonight because it’s my favorite movie. It’s better than Kung Fu Panda 2 which is my second favorite movie.

Kids Political Cartoon! | Mar 11 2022


Tucker Carlson Retracts Bitter Remarks After Finally Getting Accepted To Brown | Apr 09 2021

Smiling from ear to ear while eagerly listing all the things he’s looking forward to in college, Fox News host Tucker Carlson retracted the bitter comments he made in a televised segment slamming Brown last week after finally getting accepted to the University’s incoming freshman class.

Try These Fun Zoom Backgrounds! | Apr 24 2020


Editors' Note: Bringing The Noser Into The Future | Mar 06 2020

You might notice that the Noser in your hands looks a bit different. You better notice. We worked hard on that. It’s sleeker, it’s sexier, it’s beefier, and most importantly, it embodies the spirit of the new decade. That’s right. We’re bringing The Noser into the twentieth century.

Madame Clementine's Horoscopes | Mar 06 2020

Aries (Mar 21 – Apr 21): You’re feeling confident and energetic today. Help out a friend. Taurus (Apr 20 – May 20): Your energy has been imbued with generosity recently. Be sure to help out when your friends are in need! Gemini (May 21 – Jun 20): When you get stuck in a rut, your soul shrivels.

Chancellor Mencoff Slips In Bullet Point About Paxson’s Dreamy Eyes In Rambling Email Announcing Term Extension | Dec 06 2019

In an lengthy email to the entire student body this morning regarding Christina Paxson’s recent term extension, University Chancellor Samuel M. Mencoff snuck in a bullet point about Paxson’s dreamy eyes. “Paxson has both engaged and encouraged the academic community at Brown by peering at us during convocations, faculty luncheons, and other events with those striking, calm, chocolate gumdrops,” Mencoff gushed in the email, in between a bullet point praising Paxson’s sustainability efforts and alumni engagement, unaware that he had typed it and not just thought it like he does every day.

Overjoyed Brown Students Carry Paxson Through Campus On Shoulders In Raucous Celebration Of Term Extension | Dec 06 2019

After receiving news that the Corporation extended President Christina Paxson’s term through 2025, thousands of overjoyed students from all corners of campus flowed onto the Main Green to hoist their glorious President in the air in a raucous celebration of her prosperous, everlasting reign.

Report: All Of Your Hottest, Most Successful Friends Follow The Brown Noser On Instagram | Dec 06 2019

A new report has found that all of your hottest, most successful friends follow The Brown Noser on Instagram. “There’s no doubt about it—the sexiest, most high-achieving individuals in your social circle all have one thing in common: following The Brown Noser’s Instagram account, @thebrownnoser,” the report stated, adding that the hottest, coolest friends took it a step further and liked every post from the account.

Shiru Manager Feeling Pretty Dumb After Realizing Other Places Were Charging For Coffee This Whole Time | Sep 13 2019

Slapping his palm to his forehead in a moment of befuddled realization, Shiru Cafe manager Jed Pebbles suddenly felt pretty dumb after he learned that other coffee shops had been charging for drinks this whole time. “Ohhhhhh,” Pebbles said to himself softly after becoming aware of other coffee shops’ business models.

Exclusive Dinner For Brown’s Middle-Class Students Just Two Room Temperature Pizzas in Kasper Multipurpose Room | Mar 08 2019

According to an exposé published in the Providence Journal this morning, Brown’s administration has been sanctioning an exclusive, annual dinner for the University’s middle-class students. Sources report the dinner consists of two room temperature cheese pizzas in the Kasper Multipurpose Room.

Marty Granoff Bummed Those Narcs Ratted On His Sweet Kickback | Dec 07 2018

After reading the Providence Journal article about his exclusive, extravagant dinner parties, Brown University donor and trustee Marty Granoff reported that those narcs shouldn’t have ratted on the cool little kickback he threw for his friends. “Those fucking snitches,” Granoff complained, crumpling up his copy of the ProJo and angrily smashing a bottle of champagne on the ground.

Undercover Journalist In Top Hat, Monocle Blending In Perfectly At Granoff Dinner | Dec 07 2018

Adjusting his monocle and top hat, undercover student-journalist Trevor Freet breathed a sigh of relief upon seeing that he blended in perfectly with the high-class guests at the Granoff Dinner. “I told the man at the door ‘Tally-ho, gent!’ and he let me right in,” said Freet, waving away a cloud of cigar smoke as he spoke quietly into a hidden recorder.

“Brown Promise” Just Paxson Telling People Not To Repay Their Loans | Sep 15 2017

Shrugging her shoulders and explaining that there’s probably no way the loan people can track you down, Brown University President Christina Paxson explained the “Brown Promise” vision of just not paying your loans back. “There are 6,400 of you guys, and if you all agree to not repay your loans, there’s no way they can punish all of you,” said Paxson, adding that she couldn’t believe no one had thought of this before.

Clinton Debuts New American Flag Pantsuit | Sep 16 2016


Because Of An Internal Error, We Are Publishing This Article | Oct 06 2015

Unfortunately, in the process of writing, editing, and copy-editing this article, we experienced an internal error that resulted in this article being published. At every point in the long process it took to bring these words to you, we had planned to delete this article, and due to the error we did not do that and instead published it here on our website.

Murderers Urge Nonviolence | Dec 03 2014

In the wake of the grand jury ruling against the indictment of NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo, those complicit in the murder of Eric Garner urged protesters to remain orderly and nonviolent. NYPD Commissioner William J. Bratton, under whose command an officer killed an unarmed black man needlessly and with impunity, told those unhappy with the decision to remain peaceable in their protests of the violent assault.

Coal Companies Thrilled University Finally Acknowledges Their Voices | Oct 27 2013

Leaders in the coal industry expressed gratitude this afternoon that President Christina Paxson and university administrators have respected their opinions in deciding not to divest from companies that mine and use coal. “It’s so rewarding to be heard by those in power,” said John Eaves, CEO of Arch Coal.