Tadpole Blissfully Unaware Of Brutish Monster It Will One Day Become

Published Friday, December 6th, 2019
Filed under Science & Technology

“Tadpoles grow up completely oblivious to the fact that they will one day become frogs,” said Grantenhooper, watching a tadpole carelessly dart through some seaweed. “They expect to look like cute little fish for the rest of their lives, not bloated, wart-covered beasts.”

“Tadpoles expect that their sleek tails will be there forever,” continued Grantenhooper, the tadpole now mindlessly basking in the warm sun. “Imagine their surprise when their short, slimy legs finally start to protrude out of their body. They must be shocked.”

“Most tadpoles grow up thinking they will always be a tiny little fish,” added Grantenhooper, the tadpole relaxedly nibbling on some algae. “Little do they know that their destiny is to become an absolute monster not welcome on land or in the sea, forced to survive solely on a diet of fly carcasses and mosquitoes.”

At press time, baby chicks were completely oblivious to the mischievous deviants they would one day grow up to be.