You Better Stay Inside Tonight, Cindy. I Don’t Like The Looks Of Those Clouds.

Published Friday, September 15th, 2017
Filed under Opinion

No way are you taking the car out in this weather. It’s gotten so dark outside I can barely see the hydrangeas. I haven’t seen clouds this big since the storm that uprooted Grandpa George’s oak tree in the backyard. I don’t trust them one bit. Go upstairs and close all the windows, Cindy.

You’re friends will understand why you can’t meet them at the parlor. It’s just not safe going outside in this. I mean listen to that wind, Cindy. It’s howling. We better get the candles out of the basement because I’ve got a feeling this one’s gonna knock the power out.

No, Cindy, you cannot go out once the clouds pass. Stop trying to negotiate with me. These clouds look like they stretch on for miles. And they’re angry. Any second, they could drop down and surround us in fog. Or worse, let loose with some hellish thunder and lightning. Make sure the dog’s inside and then sit down in the living room. We shouldn’t be anywhere near the windows.

There will be other parties. It is simply not worth taking the risk. Hush… you hear that on the roof? Rain. They were storm clouds. I knew it.