Airport Employee Spends Day Fantasizing About Hopping on Luggage Carousel

Published Friday, March 8th, 2019
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“I know it’s crazy but I just can’t stop thinking about it,” a wistful Mendel explained. “It’s just always there, humming away behind me. I see bag after bag travel by, and I’ll just think, that could be me.”

Mendel beamed as she excitedly walked through the possibilities.

“Would I just jump onto it? Or put on a bag tag first? Would I lay on my back, or would my stomach be better? There are just so many options, and I feel like I only get one shot.”

“Would it take me to another part of the airport?" Mendel continued, lost in her daily reverie. "Or would I end up on a plane bound for another country?”

At press time, Mendel’s eyes darted around for her supervisor as she readied herself for her moment.