Madame Clementine's Horoscopes

Published Friday, November 3rd, 2017
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Taurus: Your stars are complicated right now, Taurus, and I didn’t have as much time as I thought I would to figure them out. They didn’t look bad, though, so no need to worry.

Gemini: I don’t know exactly what’s in your fate this week, Gemini, I’ve had a lot going on. But I overheard someone say that Geminis will find happiness at home if they keep inviting positive energy into their lives. I recommend just trying that.

Cancer: If I remember correctly, Cancer, your last one was pretty bad. That means one should be good to even it out. That’s how it works.

Leo: You can figure this one out by yourself, Leo, just find a star chart on the internet and look tonight.

Aquarius: Do you know how much I get paid for this, Aquarius? Practically nothing. I really have too much to worry about right now to prioritize your fate.

Pisces: I have to hit my midnight deadline, Pisces, so nothing for you this week.

Sorry everyone else. I just didn’t have time. Google “horoscopes” if you’re really worried.