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12-Year-Old Pretty Sure We’re All Living In Fail Compilation

Published Friday, September 25th, 2020

Reflecting on a seemingly endless series of crises and tragedies, 12-year-old Benny Grabin concluded that we might all be living inside of a fail compilation.

“Think about it,” Grabin said in a YouTube comment on Saturday. “Every day the news is just an incessant reel of the most epic fails the world has ever seen. This whole thing is a FailArmy production, and I know it.”

To support his theory, Grabin noted that the nation has experienced disasters in a sequence the likes of which haven’t been seen since “EPIC FAIL COMPILATION 7 (FUNNY)” was posted in 2013. Grabin posited that the video is a shocking parallel to our times, specifically noting a moment at 14:45 in which a seesaw catapults a man headfirst into a trashcan all while a city burns in the distance.

“How else could you explain everything going on?” Grabin continued, punctuating his question with a thinking emoji. “It’s like the world is trying to do a triple backflip off of a swing-set, but instead they land crotch-first onto an electric fence. But it’s not as funny.”

At press time, a subsequent comment theorized that the fabric of our reality could just as likely be a cringe-react video.

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