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24 Hour Play Probably Would Have Benefitted From Another Day Or Two

Published Friday, March 15th, 2024

In a tragic turn out of the Perelman Arts District this past weekend, it was obvious that the 24 hour play really might have been better with another day or two of prep time.

“They clearly thought they were doing something really subversive and interesting,” one disgruntled play viewer George Walker told reporters as actors in the play forgot their lines, “but none of the punchlines made any sense. It was almost like the whole script was an inside joke that only the writers and cast understood.”

“I couldn’t follow the plot at all,” Walker continued as the lead character kissed the girl playing at least three roles and switching costumes every scene. “I think in the future they should probably take some extra time with it, really polish it up.”

“At first, it was a play, that turned into a musical, and then somehow became a one-woman-show,” said Walker, still reeling from the play performed like it was written yesterday. “That’s the last time I’m supporting my drama friends.”

At press time, club sports athletes probably should’ve tried a little harder to make varsity.

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