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Adult Animated Show Combines Sensitive Portrayals Of Relationships, Character Who Looks Like Penis

Published Friday, September 16th, 2022

Chop Shop, an adult animated show that recently debuted on Hulu, is garnering praise for its combination of sensitive depictions of relationships and a character who looks like a penis.

“They might be cartoons, but these characters have rich inner lives and complex feelings towards one another, which shift in surprising and poignant ways over the course of the season,” wrote Vulture critic Mallory Esken in her review of the dramedy, which centers on a familyowned barbershop in Pittsburgh. “There’s also a character named Jeremy whose body is shaped like a penis, who kind of just shows up sometimes. He’s supposed to be someone’s estranged husband, I think.”

"Chop Shop tackles thorny issues like emotional dependence, generational gaps, and the limitations of the nuclear family,” Esken continued, noting a moving subplot in which the protagonist’s mother is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. “And then you have Jeremy walking around, making jokes about the fact that he’s a penis. Sometimes he has his own little musical numbers. It can be confusing to watch him talk to characters who look like normal people —especially when you get introduced to his family, none of whom are penis-shaped— but by the end of the season you get pretty used to it.”

Esken also lauded the show for the episode in which a couple goes to a marriage counselor, who is a seagull voiced by Jon Hamm.

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