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After Lively Half-Hour of Discussion, Seminar Settles In For Two Hours Of Complete Silence

Published Friday, December 1st, 2017

Sources report that after a lively and spirited discussion of the week’s readings for “Bolivia: 1945-1970”, the seminar settled in for two hours of complete silence. While the seminar began as a fruitful exchange of ideas, all desire to speak or engage with classmates dried up after about a half an hour.

“I mean there was a lot to talk about for the first half hour,” said Ana Huntz. “After that, I kept feeling like I wanted to talk and say something, but I knew if I put it out there, no one would respond.”

The discussion began with interrogating some of the central concepts in the reading, and after that was all done with, everyone just stared at the table and looked like they were thinking about what to say. “What did you think about the sources the author used?” asked the professor, desperately trying to motivate discussion. “Ooooh what if we all went around the room and said the thing that surprised us most about the reading?”

At the two-and-a-half hours, the teacher decided discussion next week would be be led by a student.

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