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Air Fryer Clearly Not Up To Task Of Cooking Coq Au Vin For Family Of Four

Published Saturday, February 18th, 2023

Reports from local mother Cecily Latham suggest her new air fryer is clearly not up to the task of cooking a coq au vin for her family of four.

“I thought by using my air fryer to cook meals for my family, I could reduce my time spent in the kitchen,” Latham explained, desperately trying to force four servings worth of chicken into the air fryer’s flimsy, six-inch plastic basket. “Instead, I’ve spent countless hours tinkering with the air fryer to try to get it to prepare a meal that would, in retrospect, be much easier to cook in a conventional oven.”

“It’s my great-grandma’s recipe, and it’s been passed down through my family for generations,” Latham added, not acknowledging that coq au vin requires a culinary acumen that cannot be delegated to a simple kitchen appliance like an air fryer. “But for some reason I struggled to get the air fryer tray to slide back in with the five-pound raw chicken carcass in it."

“I’ve used my air fryer to make tater tots and Brussels sprouts, so I figured I could start using it to make more gourmet meals,” Latham continued, as the air fryer began beeping violently and smoking. “But I guess coq au vin is an entirely different kind of recipe, with a variety of ingredients and a constant attendance to things like temperature and moisture.”

At press time, Latham’s toaster oven was unsurprisingly incapable of baking an entire loaf of ciabatta.

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