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Amish Community Divided Over Ethics Of Flipbooks

Published Friday, March 12th, 2021

Sources report that the Amish community is seriously divided over the ethics of using flipbooks.

“Though it may be physically the same as a normal book, when the flipbook is used the images move far too fast,” argued community elder Eusebius Spiegel as he vigorously threw a flipbook into a nearby pile of manure. “Trying to replicate the effects of electricity is devilish. Not to mention the content of these so-called books: these corrupting images depict such things as cats and mice playing pranks on each other, whacking each other with large objects, having birds fly around their heads, and so forth. Terrible visions of this sort can only be the work of the Devil. I suggest we burn these flipbooks and kill the sheep of those who made them.”

“Eusebius’ grave concerns are misplaced, for the Lord is indeed at work in these flipbooks,” retorted Jeremiah Grove, self-assuredly stroking his beard and tidying his bowl cut underneath his top hat. “Although the flipbook’s resemblance to the devilish work of a television or computer rightfully alarms you, this is the Lord’s design. He intended the flipbook to help us resist the temptations of electricity while receiving His wisdom through moving images. And while the cat and mouse, and their antics and betrayals of each other, may offend you, what are we in the eyes of the Lord our God but cats and mice, chasing each other across God’s great house, the Earth, whacking heads and knocking over stacks of plates? We must cherish these flipbooks as just another example of Divine Providence.”

At press time, the Amish had taken a break from debating to gather round and watch a flipbook of a monkey wearing a suit and fez banging cymbals together.

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