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Area Man Explains To Girlfriend That Frisbee Is All In The Wrist

Published Friday, April 24th, 2020

Slowly repeating his motions to demonstrate proper form, area man Chris Horton explained to his girlfriend that frisbee is all in the wrist.

“All it takes is a little flick of the wrist,” Horton explained, effortlessly tossing the frisbee to his girlfriend. “See, to catch it, you have to grab it. If you just let it hit your hand, it’s gonna fall.”

Casually showing off some more complicated maneuvers, Horton threw the frisbee straight up into the air to catch it himself. “Sometimes, even the pros can’t make this catch,” he said somberly, throwing the disc into the air and completely missing it again.

“Hucks, flicks, overhands, underhands… The list goes on and on,” Horton told his girlfriend, whipping off his sweat-stained shirt. “These are the names of all the throws. A throw is when you move your arm in such a way that the frisbee exits your hand towards another player.”

At press time, Horton informed his girlfriend that Spikeball is just a mental game.

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