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Area Man Wondering If Anyone Knows Song He Thinking Of, It Goes Like Bwawawawa, Bow Wow, Flaaaanggg

Published Monday, October 31st, 2022

Sources report area man Greg Shandy has been walking around all day approaching his friends asking if they can tell him the name of the song he’s thinking of; it goes like bwawawa, la la la, flang, flang.
“Please please please, I need your help,” pleaded Shandy as he started miming sounds with his body, “it has sort of a bippity boppity melody? No? I think there’s this like post-contemporary mid-century mandolin solo? Agh, it goes sort of like yaooo yao yao yao, boodoobop, slaaaawwoooo!”
“Can you google this sound for me?,” begged Shandy to his recoiling friends, “Wham bam bam wham, uh huh baby. I think it has a part that’s like, heyyy, your body is a nightmareee. Nothing? Fuck.”
At press time, Shandy remembered
the song he was thinking of was actually a tune he’d made up to try and remember his Gmail password, which he still doesn’t remember.

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