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Miniature Horse Actually Always Dreamed Of Slowly Carrying Children In Small Circle | May 03 2024

Reports suggest miniature horse, Muggsy, actually always dreamed of one day carrying small children in a small circle for an entire lifetime. “Muggsy loves his job,” said Muggsy’s owner, smiling as he threw small rocks at Muggsy because his break time was up.

Young Aspiring Paparazzo Lies Awake Dreaming Of One Day Getting Socked In The Jaw | May 03 2024

According to reports, young aspiring paparazzo, Greg Jensen, lies awake dreaming he too will one day get socked in the jaw by a celebrity. “I appreciate images from all my favorite artists,” said Jensen, gesturing to a series of posters on the wall depicting a variety of celebrities covering their faces and looking down.

Grandma About To Show You Video She Took Of Entire Museum | May 03 2024

Reportedly your Grandma is going to sit you down to show you an extremely long video she took of the entire Gallery at the MFA. “She said she wanted to show me this specific Rembrandt she really liked,” said granddaughter Jessica Parks. “But instead of like a picture of that painting, she started an 18 minute video she took while walking around the museum.

I Might Consider Watching More Owen Wilson Movies If He Stopped Shitting On My Porch | May 03 2024

Owen Wilson just took another shit on my porch, and if he wants me to start watching more of his movies, he might consider stopping doing that. Look, everyone’s talking about all these Owen Wilson movies I need to see, but I’m not gonna start watching them until he stops sneaking onto my porch in the middle of the night and quietly pooping on my doorstep and I’m not afraid to say it.

"Love Is Blind" Betroths Man With Smooth Talking Horse | May 03 2024

Netflix’s flagship reality romance show “Love Is Blind” just wrapped up their sixth season, betrothing man, Jake, with charismatic Clydesdale, Dakota. “We created this show to give our single audience hope, to show them what dating can look like without shallow physical beauty standards,” said Executive Producer Elizabeth Mann, holding out an open palm full of hay to an eager Dakota.

Controversial Beatboxer Goes Even Further, Saying He Thinks Women Shouldn’t Expect Btss-Tss-Kch-Tss-Tss Unless They Boom-Cat-Cat-Boom-Cat | May 03 2024

According to reports, controversial beatboxer Bernie “The Fish” Brandt has just doubled down on his prior statements, adding that he thinks “Women Shouldn’t Expect Btss-Tss-Kch-Tss-Tss Unless They Boom-Cat-Cat-Boom-Cat. “I’m not going to allow the media to censor me for speaking the truth.,” said Brandt, emphatically, while wearing a sideways hat, holding his hand over his mouth, and bobbing his other arm out from side to side.

Brown’s Unstoppable Force Club Calls Truce With Center For Immovable Objects | Mar 15 2024

According to reports from the Student Activity Office, the long standing feud between Brown’s Unstoppable Force Club and The Center For Immovable Objects has finally come to an end. “We’re just happy we have peace,” said spokesperson for the BUFC Jordan Jones, as she barreled through obstacles not even modern construction equipment could break through.

Guy Wearing Shorts About To Give You The Worst Advice You’ve Ever Heard | Mar 15 2024

Reports indicate that that guy wearing shorts is about to give you some of the worst advice you’ve ever heard. “Legally, you can skip as much class as you want. They’re not allowed to do anything about it because technically we’re students, not employees,” said sophomore James Eavert, who most likely only chose to wear shorts because his brain is so small.

A Little Birdie Told Me You’ve Been Really Rude To My Birds | Mar 15 2024

According to reports from a Little Birdie in my flock, it seems you’ve been really rude to my birds. “It doesn’t matter which one told me, it matters that you’re doing it,” said bird owner Trent Smirk, conveniently relying on an idiom that also perfectly describes his situation.

Blast! My Phaser’s Jammed! The Zandorfs Have Us Surrounded. Here, Take My Last 10 Galacti-Coins, And Tell My Space-Wife I Love Her, Now Go! by Captain Jeck | Mar 15 2024

Zaggs! We’re toast. 250 Zandorfs and only two of us. How many phaser pods do you have left? Mine’s jammed. This may just be the end for me, Bleezo. Damn it, I’m Captain Jeck! I can squeeze out of just about anything, but not this. We had fun, though, didn’t we? Remember that time we swindled those Gerzads out of all their Photon Cubes? What a riot.

High School Teacher Giving Troubled Student Second Chance Sees A Bit Of Himself In Them | Feb 16 2024

Correspondents reporting from Rutherford B. Hayes high school report that history teacher Mr. Hugh is giving a troubled student a second chance because he sees a bit of himself in them. “Listen, I used to be just like you,” started Hugh, completely ignoring all standard protocol for disciplining misbehaving students.

Those High Schoolers Would Look Silly On That Children’s See-Saw If It Weren’t For Their Big Bong | Feb 16 2024

According to reports from the playground, that pair of high schoolers would seem like total babies on that see-saw if it weren’t for that huge bong they’re smoking. “I was gonna say, two teenagers, playing on the see-saw? Isn’t that only for little kids?” remarked onlooker Tracy Jackson.

Shitty New Yorker Was Nowhere Near Twin Towers On 9/11 | Feb 16 2024

Reports from New York indicate shitty New Yorker Janice Davis was nowhere near the World Trade Center on 9/11. “Everyone I know was either almost on one of the planes, or almost went into work that day but somehow decided not to,” said Davis, shrugging apathetically, unaware that she was a totally garbage New Yorker for not being present during the greatest tragedy of the city’s history.

Nation's Men Who Just Switched Bodies Announce Plans To Look Inside Pants | Feb 16 2024

According to a recent statement, the Nation’s Men who just switched bodies have announced their plans to simultaneously look inside their pants. “I’m thrilled with the way things turned out,” said Oliver Jameson, celebrating as his friend Glen Bender slumped in disappointment, peering into his new crotch.

Lorraine? Get Me Jenkins On Line One, I’ve Got The Story That’ll Save This City by Archie Spats | Dec 08 2023

Herbie Jenkins? It’s me, Archie Spats. Boy have I got the story of a lifetime. You sitting down? This just might be the thing that’ll save this good for nothin’ city. Y’know how you’ve been sayin’ you’re lookin’ for a real underdog story? Well have I got the underdog for you.

Monkey Probably Uses Feet Hands For Dirty Stuff and Hand Hands For Clean Things | Dec 08 2023

According to sources, that Monkey most likely uses the hands on his feet for dirtier stuff and the hands on his hands for more clean things. “I feel like if I had hands on my feet, I wouldn’t use them to eat, y’know?” said casual Monkey observer Roni Emerson, getting a little jealous of the creatures’ dual sets of feet hands and hand hands.

Report: Woman Knows How To Dap Too | Dec 08 2023

Sources report that Daphne actually knows how to dap too. “I had begun to go down the line, dapping up all my boys before I headed out, but I didn’t notice Daphne at the end of the line until it was too late,” said sophomore James Wine, unaware that Daphne already knew how to shake someone’s hand.

Paxson Solemnly Flips “Days Since Last Protest” Sign Back To Zero Again | Dec 08 2023

According to sources, Christina Paxson has just solemnly flipped her “Days Since Last Protest” sign back to zero. “I was really excited to make it to three, it would have been a record for the month,” said Paxson, woefully shaking her head as she gazed longingly at a photo of her younger self.

Nation's Pensive Female Leads Announce Plans To Sit Cross Legged At Bottom Of Pool For A Bit | Dec 08 2023

Just this morning, the Nation’s Female Leads Looking For A Place To Think announced they will be settling alone for a moment at the bottom of the pool. “We just like the way it makes our hair kind of float up in the air,” said Female Lead Jessica Cornswick, slowly and dramatically walking down the pool ladder in all her clothes.

Renaissance Flight Machine Inventor To Try Bigger Feathers This Time | Oct 27 2023

Experts report that Renaissance Flight Machine Inventor Giovanni Di Bianchi is going to try and use bigger feathers on his next attempt. “He tried it with only eagle feathers the first time, but I heard he’s gonna try albatross on his next go-round,” said Di Bianchi’s understudy excitedly while plucking large feathers off of a dead bird.

Ugh, RISD Student’s Body-Length Velcro Earrings Caught On Crochet Knee Pads Again | Oct 27 2023

Reports suggest that, annoyingly, RISD Sophomore Eliza Nosbum keeps getting her body length velcro earrings stuck on her crocheted knee pads. “It is honestly so frustrating,” said Nosbum as she tried to sync up the movement of her ears and knees while walking so as not to yank off her ear lobes.

Astronaut Only In It For Floaty Water Globules | Oct 27 2023

According to Astronaut Mike Danford, he only made it to space so he could play with those little floaty water globules. “I love those damn things, I did it all for them,” said Danford, even though he had to go through nearly a decade of training and schooling to get to where he is today.

I Know We’ve Been Together For 22 Years, But We’ve Been Growing Apart, And I Think It’s Time We See Other People by Your Pediatrician | Oct 27 2023

Hey, buddy. I know this may come as a surprise, but I think this talk is long overdue. Basically, I think we should start seeing other people. I know we’ve been together for a long time. Gosh, what is it, 22 years now? Yeah, time really flies. I remember when we first met, you were still so optimistic then.

Mayor Skeleton Passes New Bone Law Or Something | Oct 27 2023

Vague reports from Providence’s scary part suggest that Mayor Skeleton has probably just passed a new bone law or something like that. “We aren’t sure what the law is, but he is Mayor Skeleton, so it’s probably something about bones,” said spooky reporter Ghoul Jackson.

Adult Man's Imaginary Friend So Sexy Now | Oct 27 2023

According to reports from grown man Alex Nederberg, his childhood imaginary friend has become so sexy now that they’ve grown up. “I could hardly recognize her,” said Nederberg, even though his imaginary friend still had the same stripey top hat and vintage bicycle she always had.

Providence's Waterfire Ushers In New Season of Being Pretty Underwhelming | Sep 22 2023

Providence’s Waterfire is preparing to usher in a brand new season of sounding much cooler than it actually is. “When I first heard about Waterfire I couldn’t believe it,” said freshman Chet Lewis. “The name was really eye-catching. Fire on water? Who ever heard of something like that? It sounded impossible.

Summertime to Stick Around Like Wet Towel on Bathroom Floor | Sep 22 2023


Brown Opinion Project Asks If You'd Rather Win Nobel Peace Prize or Get Framed For Murder | Sep 22 2023

In the Brown Opinion Project’s most recent groundbreaking survey, they ask respondents if they’d rather win the Nobel Peace Prize, or get framed for murder. “We wanted to ask a question that would really challenge our respondents,” said B.O.P.

Young Bull Vows To Catch Piece of Red Fabric That Killed His Parents | Sep 22 2023

A Young Bull named Buck has announced that he will stop at nothing to catch the dangling piece of red fabric that killed both his parents. “If I see that motherfucker, I’m going after it. No questions asked,” said Buck, while sharpening his horns on a rock.

Desperate Man Discreetly Searches "Oigea” In Scrabble Dictionary | Sep 22 2023

Reports suggest desperate man Robert Jenkins just quietly googled the phrase “is oigea scrabble word.” “I feel like I hear that word all the time,” said Robert, bashfully deleting large swaths of his search history. “Oigea, isn’t that some type of land mass? Or like a body of water? What, is that not a word? It’s not cheating, I genuinely know that word.

Nation’s Private Eyes Announce Plans to Peek Over Newspaper At You | May 12 2023

America’s Private Eyes have just publicly announced their plans to sit and subtly peek over their newspaper at you from afar. “You won’t see us there, but we’ll see you,” whispered private eye Nate Degrasse into the payphone he was using to call you.

Report: How ‘Bout Something Warm For The Lad? Christ's Sake Look At Him He’s Practically Freezing To Death | May 12 2023

According to a report from the wharf, that lad could use a warm blanket and a hot cup of soup because, Christ’s sake, look at him, he’s damn near hypothermic. “That boy, workin’ his tail off out freezing cold, not a coat or nothin’ on him,” said the boy’s bunkmate Cecil Druthers.

Tucker Carlson Seen Standing Outside Rupert Murdoch’s Window Holding Boombox | May 12 2023

Reports say Tucker Carlson was seen late last night standing on Rupert Murdoch’s front lawn holding up a boombox playing “Apologize” by OneRepublic. “Yeah I saw him, he was wearing a letterman jacket with a big F on the front,” reported Murdoch’s neighbor Lizzy McCormick.

The Simpsons Somehow Perfectly Predicts New Season Of The Simpsons | May 12 2023

As viewers comb through the newest season of “The Simpsons,” they’re beginning to realize that the writers somehow perfectly predicted how the new season was going to look. “They predicted the Housing Crash, the Trump Administration, even how my dog was gonna die, but this was unprecedented,” said Simpsons superfan Jeff Jensen, even though The Simpsons has predicted its own content for the past 35 years.

Upcoming Student Theater Production to Take Place Inside Vacant Bathroom Stall | Apr 14 2023

Brown’s Musical Forum has just announced their new production of Sondheim’s “West Side Story” will take place inside a vacant bathroom stall in the basement of Sayles Hall. “So many of the venues that the university has to offer are all way too big,” said Director Angie Bangert.

Springtime Means Boys Who Wear Shorts in Winter Will Now Start Walking Around Naked Again | Apr 14 2023

With the arrival of spring, it has been predicted that cool guys who like to wear shorts when it’s cold will now start walking around fully naked again. “What? It’s not even cold,” said fully naked sophomore Jack Wilson. “Why would I wear shorts and a shirt and flip flops if it’s not even cold out? That’s wintertime attire.

Student Taping Up Protest Announcement Poster Feels Like He Martin Luther | Apr 14 2023

Taping a sheet of paper outside announcing a protest, junior James Hern feels just like Martin Luther probably did. “Suck on that one, the Pope,” said Hern under his breath as he hung up a fossil fuel protest reminder. “Your reign of Catholic terror has gone on for far too long.

Upon Sixth Proofread of Email, Student Realizes They Accidentally Spelled Every Single Word Wrong | Apr 14 2023

Reports suggest local student John Ford read through his drafted email at least six times before realizing he had not spelled a single word correctly. “I don’t even understand how I could have written that,” said Ford, wiping a comically large bead of sweat from his brow.

“Cocaine Bear” Delivers Sobering Lesson to Bears on the Dangers of Doing Cocaine | Apr 14 2023

Recent blockbuster film “Cocaine Bear” has been a real wake up call to bears around the country. “As a mother, it was really troubling,” said local bear Florence Jenkins. “I mean, a bear, doing cocaine? I had never even considered it. We thought that was human stuff.

Man Didn’t Even Consider Touching Wall Until Wet Paint Sign Put Up | Apr 14 2023

According to local sources, area man Gus Edelstein suddenly wants to touch that wall in his apartment building now that there’s a wet paint sign asking him not to. “I’ve probably walked past this wall hundreds of times,” said Edelstein as he paced back and forth in front of the new sign.

Princess Theme Kinda Ruins Intervention | Apr 14 2023

Reports have indicated that Greg’s intervention really got undercut by whoever gave it a princess theme. “We all came ready to like…cry,” said Greg’s friend Dave, referring to what was supposed to be a heartfelt conversation about Greg’s addiction.

Village Celebrates Tall Man | Feb 18 2023

According to reports from a nearby village, celebrations have begun for the arrival of a tall man. “We’d never seen anyone that tall,” said Mayor Mary Daboole. “He deserves the world, really. With a body like that, a parade is the least we could do.

NASCAR to Investigate Newly Erected Banana Peel Factory Next to Racetrack | Feb 18 2023

Sources close to NASCAR have announced they will be closely investigating the recently constructed Banana Peel Factory placed conspicuously close to their racetrack. “When we caught wind of all this, we were far from surprised,” said Grace Frostin, Commissioner of NASCAR.

Shitty Old Hamburger No Match For Hydraulic Press | Feb 18 2023

Sources report that some dumb old hamburger did a terrible job of taking on that full sized hydraulic press. “Yeah it really could’ve gone either way,” said Hydraulics expert Fred Paper. “We usually use this machinery to fold and shape heavy metals, but when we set that old hamburger out on the platform we really had no idea what was gonna happen.

Overachieving Stoner Rises At Crack of Noon | Feb 18 2023

Area Stoner Greg Neffin reportedly has begun making a habit of rising bright and early at the crack of noon. “I’ve been making my bed too,” said Neffin as he absentmindedly stared at a bird. “Well not really making, mostly I’ll just move my pillow off the floor.

I’m Mr. Scary, and I’m Going to Chase You | Feb 18 2023

Mark, watch your back. You know who I am. I only come around to do one thing. I’m a one trick pony, Mark. You better get a head start because I am not playing around this time. I’m Mr. Scary, and I’m going to chase you all over the place. I won’t ever catch you Mark.

Oops, RISD Student Left Possum Teeth in Other Tote | Dec 16 2022

Darn it, it seems that RISD student Zoe Kasper accidentally left her spare possum teeth in her other tote bag. “I swear I always keep them on me,” said Kasper as she frantically rummaged through a tote bag covered in googley eyes. “I usually keep them right next to all my loose doubloons.

Area Woman Dons Scarf, Clogs, Looks Forward to Day Full of Making Students Uncomfortable Through Prayer | Dec 16 2022

This morning, an area woman put on her trademark scarf and clogs, preparing for a full day of making local students feel socially anxious through prayer. “She walked up to us and asked if she could ‘pray’ for us,” said Mac Davidson ‘24, still reeling from the awkwardness of the encounter.

City Local Ashamed He Too Stumbled When Train Stopped | Dec 16 2022

Local subway rider Lucas Tapovilla felt acutely embarrassed this morning when he stumbled along with everyone else as the train stopped. “It’s supposed to just be the tourists that trip and fall over each other when that happens,” said Tapovilla, sheepishly looking around to make sure no one saw him stumble.

Area Man Wondering If Anyone Knows Song He Thinking Of, It Goes Like Bwawawawa, Bow Wow, Flaaaanggg | Oct 31 2022

Sources report area man Greg Shandy has been walking around all day approaching his friends asking if they can tell him the name of the song he’s thinking of; it goes like bwawawa, la la la, flang, flang. “Please please please, I need your help,” pleaded Shandy as he started miming sounds with his body, “it has sort of a bippity boppity melody? No? I think there’s this like post-contemporary mid-century mandolin solo? Agh, it goes sort of like yaooo yao yao yao, boodoobop, slaaaawwoooo!” “Can you google this sound for me?,” begged Shandy to his recoiling friends, “Wham bam bam wham, uh huh baby.

Nation's TV Moms Announce Plans to Clutch Mug, Tip Head to Side | Oct 31 2022

America’s TV Moms have just released their plans to hold their mug with both hands and lovingly tilt their head to the side. “We are just so proud of those kids,” said local mom Jean Mackintire as she leaned one arm against the countertop, “they just won’t stop growing up! I feel like it was only yesterday they were in diapers.

Old Black And White Map Super Unclear Which Part Ocean And Which Land | Oct 31 2022

According to sources at sea, shitty 18th- century sea captain Pino “No-Beard” Di- Angelo says his black and white map makes it super hard to tell which part is land and which is ocean. “Well, if the ocean is this inside part here, then we have a loooong way to go before we even see land,” said DiAngelo, holding the map upside down.

Unpaid Internship Probably Good Enough To Land Future Unpaid Internship | Sep 16 2022

After an incredibly strenuous summer internship, junior Jake Johnson is just happy to have a better standing for next year’s internship hiring process. “Some of my friends told me they got paid for their internships, but at least I’ll be able to get another unpaid internship next summer more easily,” said Jake as he clutched a cup of coffee and perused Brown Connect.

Area Woman Posts Selfie Hidden Amid Eight Photos Of Food And Windows | Sep 16 2022

According to recent Instagram sources, area woman Jess Neeky just posted a sultry selfie watered down by several lukewarm photos she picked randomly from her camera roll. “In truth, I just wanted people to think I had accidentally dropped it in there,” said Neeky in a low whisper like some kind of secret agent.

Area Man Hears Spunky Bass Riff Every Time Conversation Ends | Apr 22 2022

Area man Roger Greene, just trying to find his way in this world with the help of his four zany siblings and their dog Rocko, has been hearing upbeat bass riffs just about every time he wants to cut away to a new life scene. “I don’t know, ever since my parents left me and my siblings for the circus, everything has felt…just weird,” said Greene, clearly attempting to cleverly sneak some exposition into his dialogue.

Drunk Driver Deterred From Getting Behind Wheel By Charming Limerick On Highway Sign | Apr 22 2022

This weekend, local drunk driver Stan Simpson was reportedly on the verge of driving himself all the way home from the bar, when he glanced at a delightful limerick displayed on a digital sign on the highway that convinced him of the dangers of his current mistake.

Lawyer’s Billboard Campaign Stalled By Unrhymable Polish Last Name | Mar 11 2022

A local law firm’s billboard marketing campaign has been facing some roadblocks due to a lawyer’s multisyllabic Polish last name. “It’s hard not having a name that rhymes with pain, hurt, or call,” said attorney Leon Marcinkiewicz, wondering if “Did your car have a stinky glitch? Call Marcinkiewicz!” might sound a little too much like a mechanic.

Man Twirling Handlebar Mustache Swears He Didn’t Tie That Poor Woman To Train Tracks | Mar 11 2022

Sources in the Wild West report that the overdressed man twirling his handlebar mustache outside the saloon swears that he knows nothing about that dame the sheriff just untied from the train tracks near town. “Why I can’t say I’ve ever met an Evelyn Starks,” said the man, sporting a wry smile and checking his pocket watch.