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Assurance That “There Are No Stupid Questions” Followed By Stupid Question

Published Friday, November 3rd, 2017

Sources report that Professor Linda Hankin immediately regretted telling her lecture class that “there are no stupid questions,” as the declaration was directly followed by a very stupid question.

“Please speak up if there’s anything that’s unclear,” said Hankin, unaware that she was opening herself up to be asked one of the most lazy, brainless questions of all time. “I’m here to help."

“If you’re confused about something, I guarantee there are ten other people who are wondering the same thing,” continued Hankin, oblivious to the fact that she was about to hear a question no one who put any effort into listening to her lectures would have.

“Really, there are no stupid questions—they don’t exist,” lied Hankin, believing wholeheartedly that there was no possible way she could be asked a question as legitimately dumb as the one that was soon to follow. “I understand how hard the material can be.”

Students watched as a hand shot up in the middle of the lecture hall, which Professor Hankin had no clue was connected to an individual who would unleash an inquiry of outright stupidity onto the entire class. “Thank you!” said Hankin, handing out preemptively false gratitude for a question that could only come from the most uninformed, clueless person at the entire school.

At press time, onlookers watched as Professor Hankin had to bear the burden of her terrible mistake by offering up a shamefully stupid answer.

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