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Athlete Just Keeps Stacking Beef Patties

Published Friday, December 9th, 2016

Those in the Ratty Tuesday afternoon watched on in awe as an athlete in the grill line just kept stacking beef patties on his burger.

“As I was grabbing a bun I saw this big dude in front of me put a patty on his,” said Jon Horowitz who was in line behind the athlete. “But then he put another one down, and another, and another. By this time, his burger was towering but he just kept stacking patties.”

Sources report that a line quickly began to form behind the athlete who was meticulously leveling his burger so that the patties wouldn’t tip over. Eventually, those who were just waiting to get fries walked around him.

“He only stopped when the patties had nearly reached eye level,” reported Horowitz, “And, by then, only one burger was left in the tray. I can’t even imagine what workout he must have just done or tournament he must have played in. The whole thing was impressive.”

At press time, the athlete had taken a step to the right and was waiting for Ratty workers to restock the empty chicken tray.

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