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"Avengers: Infinity War" Just Two Hour Long Slideshow Of All Characters That Have Ever Appeared In Marvel Universe

Published Friday, April 20th, 2018

During a press conference last Tuesday, ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ directors Joe and Anthony Russo announced that the film would just be a two-hour-long slideshow of all the characters that have ever appeared in the Marvel Universe.

“We know how much audiences love seeing these characters together so we wanted to create a movie that featured every single character in the Marvel Universe,” said Joe Russo. “With so many franchises, that’s a pretty ambitious goal. But we were able to achieve it! All we had to do was not waste any screen time on plot, character development, or dialogue, and just make a slideshow of all the characters.”

Anthony went on to explain the movie further, saying that the Powerpoint would feature high-definition pictures of the characters in costume and that the characters will appear in the slideshow alphabetically for efficiency.

“And it will all be set to an amazing score by famed composer Alan Silvestri,” Anthony continued.

“By formatting the movie this way,” Joe explained, “we don’t need to use screen time to explain why characters like Groot, T’Challa, and Pepper Potts would all be together. Instead, we can just fit in as many characters as possible. And because this Powerpoint will provide fans with the huge payoff of getting to see every single one of their favorite Marvel characters together, we expect it to break all existing box office records.”

The Russos ended the press conference by announcing that the scene that usually plays during the credits of Marvel movies will be replaced by a slide featuring a drone shot of all the characters together in a big open field.

“You can’t see anyone close up because the drone had to fly so far away to fit everyone in,” they admitted. “But what’s important is just knowing that they’re all there together.”

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