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Baby Could Probably Walk If He Had More Of A Growth Mindset

Published Friday, October 25th, 2019

According to his mother, local baby Brandon Baker could probably learn to walk if he had more of a growth mindset.

“Initially, I had a good feeling about Brandon’s work ethic when I noticed the hours of tummy-time he puts in,” Brandon’s mother said. “However, he’s really plateaued. He spends most of his day sitting up or lying down, and to me, that says: ‘I’m not willing to challenge myself.’”

Brandon also struggles with sleeping through the night and digesting solid foods. However, with the right attitude, he will likely overcome these obstacles.

“His attitude is suboptimal,” Brandon’s mother continued. “And his habits aren’t conducive to growth at all—he stops trying as soon as he gets hungry or tired.”

At press time, Brandon was learning the alphabet using handy phrases like “A is for Aptitude” and “S is for Self-Improvement.”

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