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Bear’s Lair Bodybuilder Really Starting To Fill Out The Room

Published Friday, March 9th, 2018

Students working out at the Bear’s Lair gym on Sunday were quick to note that amateur bodybuilder Damon Chen was really starting to fill out the room.

“I can’t say it’s not impressive,” said Blaire Whitman, who stopped doing lunges after beholding the sheer size of Chen as he navigated the weight room. “I saw him in here a lot last semester, and he was pretty skinny—there was a lot of room left to fill. But recently he’s been taking up, like, two thirds of the whole room. That’s a big transformation.”

“Nowadays Damon can’t even fit into small rooms—he just busts right out of them,” said Meryl Lee, Chen’s former workout partner. “The Keeney gym, for example, is off limits; it’s just too small a room for all that muscle.”

Friends of Chen recall that a creatine supplement may have helped him overcome the hurdle many weightlifters face before they can expand their mass eight to tenfold.

“The fit’s sometimes so tight that there’s not any extra space for other people in the Bear’s Lair,” noted grad student John Toransky. “Any time I try to grab some free weights, he might flex extra hard and just squeeze me right out.” Several students corroborated this concern, reporting that during particularly hard reps, Chen’s biceps were practically bursting out of the three-room, open floor plan gym.

Bear’s Lair regulars were relieved to hear that the facility is looking into upgrading some of its rooms to XL to accommodate Chen.

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