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Beautiful Piece Of Conceptual Art Just 20,000 Locusts In Your Mouth

Published Friday, March 15th, 2024

Local patrons of the arts are reportedly awestruck by the beauty of a beautiful new piece of conceptual art that is just 20,000 locusts in your mouth.

“It’s about power, it’s about identity, but it’s also about rejecting both of those things,” said artist Fabrizio Gollinari, corralling a teeming swarm of disgusting locusts into your gaping maw. “The paradoxical nature of the piece is what I suspect makes it so captivating.”

“If you look at the piece for long enough, you begin to ask yourself questions about the meaning of beauty, the meaning of freedom, the meaning of creativity. These are questions I want to ask through my work,” continued Gollinari, convinced that if he packs enough putrid little bugs down your gullet, he might finally get that adjunct professor position at SCAD. “Ultimately what the piece is asking is: what does it mean to put 20,000 locusts in someone’s mouth, and why did someone do that?”

At press time, a life-changing movie was just a three-hour still shot of a dinner party.

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