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Because Of An Internal Error, We Are Publishing This Article

Published Tuesday, October 6th, 2015

Unfortunately, in the process of writing, editing, and copy-editing this article, we experienced an internal error that resulted in this article being published. At every point in the long process it took to bring these words to you, we had planned to delete this article, and due to the error we did not do that and instead published it here on our website.

This article we, the editors of The Brown Noser, wrote does not meet the standards for writing or clarity we, the editors of The Brown Noser, established. We have published it. Here it is.

We want to clarify that we do not apologize for writing this article, nor do we apologize for loading it into our website’s content management system. We are apologizing for the internal error that resulted in this article, the one you are currently reading, being published instead of remaining in our heads.

We’re anticipating certain criticism. One might ask, “Why publish an article that is apologizing for itself, an article that is written as if the authors knew it was going to be published and was worthy of apology?” What you are forgetting, dear reader, is that there was an error that was internal.

The parties responsible for publishing this article because of an internal error, namely us, the editors of The Brown Noser, will be held accountable by us, the editors of The Brown Noser. We are looking at our faces in the mirror and looking alternately sad and stern at our reflections because of the internal error.

We want to provide our readers with as much information as possible, so here is all we know about the internal error that resulted in the publication of this article: we published this article due to an internal error.

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