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Brian’s Fun Fact Not That Fun

Published Friday, September 15th, 2017

While introducing himself in a senior seminar, Brian Donaghy ’18 provided an underwhelming detail about his life that would serve as his first impression for weeks to come.

“The fun fact is a classic ice breaker so I thought everyone just came in with a default one they had tried out and workshopped a couple times,” said classmate Stella Morales, saying she thought she knew what to expect. “I talked about how I’m trilingual. Jamie talked about never having eaten a PB&J. But Brian talked about how he had to put his dog down right before coming back to school.”

According to onlookers, it seemed as if Donaghy had taken a lot of time to come up with a noteworthy fact and that he said it with confidence, adding just a little shrug at the end. Further reports show that while his classmates’ anecdotes elicited laughs or further questions, Brian’s fact was met with silence.

“I like to have everyone give that fact on the first day because I think it serves as a good introduction to who they are and what they value,” explained Professor of History Lee Reynolds. “And it seems that Brian is pretty dark. It’ll be an interesting semester, no doubt.”

At press time, Brian’s classmates were bracing themselves for his response as they all went around the circle for an introductory Two Truths And A Lie.

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