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Busy Student Sets Lecture Capture To 2x Speed To Learn Absolutely Nothing Twice As Fast

Published Friday, September 14th, 2018

With her first midterms quickly approaching, busy freshman Lindsay Mornet has decided to watch lecture capture at 2x speed to learn absolutely nothing twice as fast.

“If your course has lecture capture, you can actually set it to play at up to twice the speed,” Mornet said. “When I get super stressed out during midterms or finals, it’s such a lifesaver knowing I can speed up the lecture and let all the information go in one ear and out the other at twice the speed.”

“I’m just so busy recently that playing the lecture at normal speed just isn’t possible,” said Mornet, who only watches lecture capture because she sleeps through her 9 a.m. nearly every day. “By playing it at twice the speed, it leaves me more than enough time to pretend to study for my other classes.”

At press time, Mornet was using the time she saved to watch an episode of Friends.

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