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CS Concentrators Glad Semester Ended Without Any Major Event Changing Their Daily Routines

Published Friday, April 24th, 2020

Brown’s computer science concentrators are reportedly relieved that their semester ended without any major event changing their day-to-day routine.

“I’m really glad this turned out to be a pretty normal semester for me,” said Selena Toom ’22, whose normal workload ensures she’s never at a gathering of more than ten people. “It’d really suck if something major happened to upend my whole routine. But luckily, nothing did.”

“My social life stayed pretty constant,” she continued, having rarely been within six feet of another human being in her day-to-day life spent hunched over code. “Same friends, same love life. No complaints here!”

“The line at Bagel Gourmet was super short in late spring,” she said, adding that everyone on Thayer Street had started swerving out of each other’s way like she typically does to avoid interaction. “So that was a huge plus.”

At press time, the CIT was deemed a pandemic sanctuary following ten years of complete quarantine.

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