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CS Professor Relieved Class Is Already Technologically Alienating And Interactionless

Published Friday, April 24th, 2020

Relaxing after another laid-back day of recording computer science lectures, Professor Martha Sloane expressed relief that her CS class was already technologically alienating and interactionless before the University’s switch to remote learning.

“Since no one showed up to class on campus anyway, I can just keep filming my lectures alone like I always did,” Sloane said, feeling thankful that the curriculum of a large CS class never required engaging with students in the first place. “And my students have just kept asking questions entirely online instead of saying anything aloud during lecture. This is great. It’s just like before!”

“It’s made the transition so much easier to have students move from a completely isolated environment like the CIT to total isolation at home,” Sloane continued, gratefully noting that all her course’s assignments were entirely doable remotely without any direct instruction to begin with. “And my TAs have always done their jobs exclusively over Piazza, so there’s been no adjustment there either. Thank goodness my course has always been just like an online class!"

At press time, Sloane felt lucky that Zoom’s “disable video” feature allowed her to continue never seeing any students.

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