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Chef In Movie Doing A Lot Of Pizza Tossing, Not A Lot Of Pizza Cooking

Published Friday, April 19th, 2019

According to local theater-goer Janet Stevens, the pizza chef in a recent movie was doing a lot of pizza tossing but not a lot of pizza cooking.

“I don’t think I ever saw him put any sauce or toppings on the pizzas,” Stevens said, recalling the film’s pizzeria scenes. “The dough was just in the air the whole time.”

Though Stevens reportedly found the chef character to be a talented pizza tosser, she wondered whether the pizzas in the movie ever got cooked.

“He never really put any pizzas in the oven, did he?” Stevens added, saying he couldn’t even remember any shots of brick ovens in the movie. “He just kept tossing the dough in the background.”

“But hot pizzas kept coming out of the kitchen,” Stevens continued, scratching her head in confusion. “I guess the audience was just supposed to assume that in between tosses the chef was also cooking the pizzas?”

At press time, the chef character was walking around wearing a poofy chef hat for no apparent reason.

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