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“Cocaine Bear” Delivers Sobering Lesson to Bears on the Dangers of Doing Cocaine

Published Friday, April 14th, 2023

Recent blockbuster film “Cocaine Bear” has been a real wake up call to bears around the country.

“As a mother, it was really troubling,” said local bear Florence Jenkins. “I mean, a bear, doing cocaine? I had never even considered it. We thought that was human stuff. Don’t get me wrong I wasn’t ever going to do it before, but now I definitely won’t go anywhere near it. And neither will my kids.”

“More than anything, this movie was intended to be a cautionary tale…to bears,” said Carmichael. “Bears need to know how threatening cocaine can be to their bodies, and their communities. I took on this project because I knew it was saying something that needed to be said. For too long we’ve allowed the media to completely avoid the topic, but not anymore. Bears can do cocaine, and the world needs to know that.”

This will not be Carmichael’s last cautionary animal film. Warner Bros just announced the release of his next film, “Drunk Driving Octopus.”

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