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Crumpled Syllabus at Bottom of Bag Evokes Memories of Time Long Passed

Published Friday, September 15th, 2017

Cleaning out his bag in preparation for the new school year, junior Eric Meyer happened upon a weathered and ripped syllabus that reminded him of a time long passed.

“It took me a couple seconds to even vaguely discern what the torn, pinkish piece of paper was,” Meyer recounted. “All of a sudden, it hit me! It was my Math 180 syllabus from first semester! Wow, that really brought me back.”

“It transported me back to shopping that Multivariable Calculus class in Barus and Holley the very first day of college,” continued Meyer. “I was so immature, fresh outta high school, and the prospect of collegiate life was both enticing and scary. Would the person to my left be my best friend? Would I passionately delve into the material? Could the professor inspire me to pursue mathematics as my concentration? It was all such an exciting mystery.”

Mayer stated that he could now only just make out most of the Times New Roman font on the grimey sheet, which outlined the various concepts that the course would cover. “I forgot all about emptying my bag and instead found myself tracing my fingers along the course summary, each bullet point vividly evoking memories of my being introduced to the course materials and grading policies that first class. I was so intimidated by the assignments and tests on the horizon, but I was sure I could excel and overcome each and every challenge. Back then, I thought I was invincible.”

“Anyway,” Mayer concluded, “I dropped the class at the end of shopping period, but wowee, what a trip down memory lane.”

At press time, a folded “Intro to Cultural Anthropology” course overview had found its way to the deepest reaches of Mayer’s bag and would never be seen again.

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