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DJ Playing Music So Loud So No One Will Hear Him Confessing All His Secrets

Published Friday, November 3rd, 2017

During a set at Colosseum Night Club last Saturday, local DJ Kyle Miranda was only playing the music loudly so no one would hear him confessing all his secrets.

“Nights at the club like this really give me the opportunity to get out of my head and let go,” explained Miranda, “Because I can turn up the volume as loud as I want and get all my deepest, darkest secrets off my chest.”

“When the bass was really bumping during the beginning of that “Crazy In Love” remix,” Miranda continued, “I was able to admit that I didn’t claim a lot of these gigs for taxes last year. I knew no one would hear it so I could say it as loud and confidently as I wanted. As long as I bounce a little while doing it, no one thinks anything of it.”

“With everyone jumping and dancing, there’s no way they could hear any of the embarrassing things I’m admitting to,” explained Miranda. “They can’t hear their friends talking next to them so there’s no way they can hear me admitting I called in sick with the flu to my day job last week when I was just hungover from all the stage work."

“I think I’m gonna make a playlist of only songs with really loud guitar solos in them," he added, "Then I could get some of my longer secrets off my chest.”

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